Grandfather Clocks

Come and see our inventory of Mint City Millwork Grandfather Clocks

Precious Melody Clocks

Our newest line, Precious Melodies Clocks feature an infinite number of images and Gospel Songs that can be set to play on the hour. 

Mantel Clocks

Mint City Millwork has a large supply of mantel clocks on hand, with more being built and acquired weekly. Many different styles and wood species to choose from.

Weather Stations

Weather stations, from very basic to “five in one”, so you will know what nature is going to do long before the weather affects you and your loved ones.

Welcome to Mint City Millwork


We are a family owned and operated sales, design and manufacturing facility located in the heart of Amish country in Northern Indiana – specifically, in the little burg of Rentown, just west of Nappanee. We specialize in building just one kind of product: beautiful heirloom timepieces.

Our goal is to build the finest wooden clock cabinets out of the best raw materials available on the market today. We craft our clocks out of locally grown, milled and kiln-dried oak, walnut, cherry, hard maple, and grey elm. As you can see from the pictures on this website, many of the designs are styles you are probably familiar with, but we also have several that are our own design that you won’t see anyplace else. We will also custom-stain clocks for discerning clients who can’t find exactly what they are looking for.

For the Triple Chime Movements in our Grandfather Clocks, we rely solely on the dependability and precision of German-made Hermle Movements, considered among the finest movements in the world. By using only Hermle Movements, our customers are assured of decades of perfect worry-free enjoyment and performance.

Our Mantel Clocks feature a Seiko quartz movement that plays either the Westminster or Whittington chime on the quarter hours and strikes out the hours.  We use only Seiko because of their durability, accuracy, and because in our opinion they are the best-sounding movements on the market. These movements also feature volume and night shut-off controls.


“If you are looking for a generational timepiece that will be affectionately passed down to children and grandchildren, then you have come to the right place.”  -Wayne Helmuth, Owner of Mint City Millwork.


Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks are a rare breed of their own. They are both a fine piece of heirloom furniture, but also an intricate timepiece that requires care,  skill, and experience to build correctly.




Mantel Clocks

We use locally grown, milled and kiln-dried oak, walnut, cherry, hard maple and grey elm for our Mantel Clock cabinets. Our designs are timeless, knowing that your purchase today will still be used and cherished for generations to come.



Precious Melodies Clocks

These visually striking clocks play Gospel music on the top of the hour. Imagery is used to create a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world. While we have a very large library of images, we can use customers’ pictures, drawings and paintings to create a one-of-a-kind clock specifically for them.


If you are in the market for a quality Grandfather, Mantel or Precious Melody Clock…


…and you would like to know more about your investment than just the price, I can explain why we build the sound chambers the way we do on our Grandfather Clocks or why we use the species of wood that we do on our Mantel and Precious Melody clocks. I can explain why we use the type and number of layers of varnish that we do on our natural wood clocks and how we get the music out of the Precious Melody Clocks. In other words, we don’t just sell clocks, we are the builders of these beautiful timepieces.