Grandfather Clocks



McCoy Mission

Grandfather clocks are both a fine piece of heirloom furniture and an intricate timepiece that requires care, skill and experience to build correctly.

Our Clock Caseworks are constructed from local top-grade lumber using a combination of mortise/tenon, stile/rail, and pocket-hole/screw construction, depending on the wood species and the size/function of the pieces we are joining.

Individual components of the cabinet are then sanded on a wide-belt sander to ensure flatness and uniformity. After sanding, they are assembled into the completed clock casework. The casework is then carefully hand sanded prior to finishing.

We outsource all our finish work to another local shop that specializes specifically in finishing. This ensures a top-shelf finish for a lifetime of use and for future generations of enjoyment.


The Movements that we utilize in all our grandfather clocks are Hermle Triple Chime movements. We chose Hermle because of the reputation they have for dependability and precision in the clock world, as the best German-engineered and manufactured movements in the world. We know that our customers are assured of decades of worry-free enjoyment and performance.

The Hermle movements are mounted within the sound box to produce the best sound possible. Clocks are then tested and adjusted as needed. The final step is to inspect all aspects of both the cabinet and the movement before the clock is set up in the showroom or shipped to our customer.